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Natural gas And Heat supply

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In Beijing, we operate 2 gas-fired cogeneration plants, namely the Taiyanggong Power Plant and the Jingfeng Power Plant. We also operate the Jingqiao Power Plant, which is currently a gas-fired heat energy generation plant and will become a cogeneration plant in 2012. In addition, with our advanced combined-cycle cogeneration technology, we are able to achieve a higher power generation efficiency, equipment utilization and operational efficiency. This in turns provides Beijing with an energy-efficient,environmentally friendly and stable energy source of both electricity and heat energy.

Meanwhile, the Beijing municipal government shows a positive attitude towards reforming the energy structure, with special efforts in developing gas-fired cogeneration. By the end of “the 12th Five-Year-Plan” period, the construction of the four major heat and power centres in Beijing will be basically completed, which will enhance the total installed capacity of the gas-fired cogeneration plants in Beijing. Given our leading position in Beijing and our advanced technology capability, our gas-fired power and heat energy generation business will fully leverage the opportunities ahead.