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Wind Power

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As at 31 December, 2010, Beijing Clean Energy had 16 wind farms in operation and 9 under construction. They were all strategically located in regions including Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Liaoning and Ningxia, where they enjoy abundant wind resource and favourable tariffs. We believe we are

currently the only wind power operator in Beijing, playing an important role for delivering green power in the Beijing area.

We have extensive managerial and technical experience in each stage of the wind power project operation and management, including design development, pre-construction services, equipment procurement, construction, commissioning and testing, operation, repair and maintenance. We have

a highly-skilled in-house operation and maintenance team which guarantees an efficient operation of our wind power business. Meanwhile, we have commenced a centralized monitoring system to monitor our wind farms that are located in West Inner Mongolia. We are the first wind power operator

in the PRC to establish a centralized monitoring system in order to improve our operational efficiency.